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We offer workshops in theatre, film, shamanism, art and creative writing to develop your talents and artistic processes.

Education and Workshops

Theatre and Film

FoolishPeople's performance workshop introduces actors and performers to the core techniques and concepts of FP's creative practice, Theatre of Manifestation.

Over the course of the workshop, you will work with John Harrigan, Artistic Director and founder of FoolishPeople to explore core techniques and skills needed within immersive theatre whilst aiding you to unlock the essence of your imagination and creativity.

You will be taught techniques to attain a truthful performance whilst manifesting a living character, whilst developing your acting skills and confidence to deal will audience interaction and audition technique for theatre and film roles.

Previous workshops have been held in collaboration with organisations such as the University of Hertfordshire, the BBC and The Central School of Speech & Drama.

Creative Writing

Weaponized, the publishing imprint of FoolishPeople, offer a number of creative writing workshops for writers of all abilities. They take you through all stages of writing fiction within plays, blogs, short stories, novels and screenplays right through to publishing and marketing your work.

Weaponized provides a supportive and motivational space to develop your talents and discuss the numinous power of storytelling with like-minded individuals. We aim to provide an inspirational forum to exchange ideas, get feedback on your work and meet others devoted to creative writing.


FoolishPeople's creative workshop introduces artists working in all mediums to the core techniques, concepts and practices FP has successfully developed over the last twenty years in the production of film, theatre, books and open source artistic collaborations.

The workshop is aimed at professional and aspiring artists who are looking to connect with their passion, unlock creative blocks or redefine their own artistic parameters in a supportive environment with like-minded individuals.

Over the course of the workshop you will explore exercises that combine mythology, shamanism, drama therapy and open source collaboration to connect your personal myth to the source of your inspiration and creativity, whilst learning the tools and methodology to produce innovative artistic work even when faced with challenges that cause many to turn their back on their gift. You will be supported in a month long artistic project designed to manifest your own personal myths via your chosen artistic process.

This workshop will encourage you to communicate and act as an advocate for your work and your own personal truth, and leave you feeling confident in your own abilities and artistic process, with the will and tenacity to complete all the work necessary to manifest your art in whichever medium you choose.


FoolishPeople's shamanism workshops offer the willing participant the opportunity to explore exercises that combine ritual theatre, drama therapy, meditation and personal mythology in a safe and supportive environment.

These techniques will enable you to overcome fear, address emotional blocks and effectively control stress so you are ultimately free to explore your own path and journey in life.

This aim of this workshop is to empower and teach you new skills and tools that you can use in everyday life to attain a greater sense of well-being, happiness and peace.

If you would like to learn more about our workshops, such as upcoming dates or bespoke education and training then please contact us.

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Sulu Newell discusses working with FoolishPeople. FP explores the power of stories and myths, and how they are ultimately given life by those who engage with them.

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