Halloween 2019 - on iTunes Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video

We’re very pleased to announce that the award-winning Armageddon Gospels is released on iTunes Apple TV  and Amazon Prime Video on October the 31st 2019.

Production company FoolishPeople is set to release its latest folk-horror film on Halloween.

Written and directed by John Harrigan, Armageddon Gospels explores the cataclysmic effects of Brexit on the British landscape, a historic event that has sent reasonable people mad and turned neighbour against neighbour, shaking the foundations of what it means to be British.

The tale is centred around refugee gods, transposed to flesh and blood, who are washed ashore to rouse the myths of ancient England, half-drowned in a forgotten past. They disperse through shifting realities to awaken the giant Albion and find the holy grail in a ritual to save England from the rot of darkness and hatred that’s strangling its soul.

The film follows in the footsteps of the hit drama-horror film, Strange Factories, released in 2013.

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Poster designed by the artist Doug Nox.