Refugee gods, transposed to flesh and blood, wash ashore to rouse the myths of ancient England, half-drowned in a forgotten past. They disperse through shifting realities to awaken the giant Albion and find the holy grail in a ritual to save England from the rot of darkness and hatred that’s strangling its soul.


Best Director Award - John Harrigan - Brighton Rocks Film Festival 2018

Cagliostro Award - Best Storytelling - First Hermetic International Film Festival 2019, Italy

“There are of course some rare and fine films which are both metaphorically and actually magical: much of the work of Kenneth Anger; Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain. John Harrigan’s second film for FoolishPeople, Armageddon Gospels, can resolutely be added to this list.” - Daily Grail - Cat Vincent
“Its message is powerful” and “the Hare is as potent as anything in The Wicker Man.” - STARBURST MAGAZINE - Martin Unsworth