Who are F00lishPe0ple?

F00lishPe0ple is a British theatre and film production collective specialising in original site-specific and immersive theatre, as well as independent film and books. Founded in 1989 by artistic director John Harrigan, who developed our unique theatre practice Theatre of Manifestation.

We actively engage audiences through immersive theatre, live cinema, ritual and independent film. We are experts in experience design and we believe in the transformative power of art. We invite audiences to explore, collaborate and experience living story worlds filled with wonder, beauty and truth.

We are one of the early pioneers of immersive theatre in the UK and have utilised transmedia within our work since our inception.

F00lishPe0ple consists of a core creative team which is enhanced by different actors and artists in various productions and projects. We have toured internationally, performing in the United States and the Netherlands, and have worked in partnership with the BBC, the Arcola Theatre, The Horse Hospital, the Institute of Contemporary Arts and Conway Hall Ethical Society, which is thought to be the oldest surviving freethought organisation in the world.

Where does the name come from?

F00lishPe0ple’s name originates from The Fool major arcana of the tarot. The Fool is interpreted as the protagonist of a story, and the major arcana is the path the Fool takes through the great mysteries of life. It represents new beginnings; having faith in the future.

How can I work with F00lishPe0ple?

We offer diverse production services and workshops and we are always looking for exciting new projects and collaborators who would like to partner up to bring new stories to life. If you are interested in our services or want to hire us for your project, festival or a collaboration, drop us a line on our contact form or email art@foolishpeople.org

For actors, performers, crew and other creatives interested to work with us, please keep an eye on our website and social networks for open casting calls.

Do you take interns?

Not at present. There might be future opportunities for those who would like to get first-hand experience at one of our live events or projects. These opportunities will be announced officially through our casting calls for specific crew that we may need for certain events.

Do you offer mentoring?

Primarily, we offer mentoring to individuals who take part in our workshops. Other requests to mentor artists or creatives and advise on projects, we are currently not able to meet.

Do you do consultancy work?

We can offer consultancy work in a range of capacities. This depends on needs, fit of the work, timing and budget. To discuss consultancy opportunities please email art@foolishpeople.org

How is F00lishPe0ple funded?

F00lishPe0ple is funded through our own projects, the services we offer and our wonderful supporters on Patreon.

Where can I buy DVDs or other merchandise from F00lishPe0ple?

We currently do not offer physical copies of our films. All films created by F00lishPe0ple are available to stream, rent or buy in digital form. We are planning to set up a shop with exclusive merchandise and the books released through our own publisher, Weaponized Imprint.