We are proud to announce that the world premiere of award-winning Lightships will take place at the Broadway Cinema & Theatre in Letchworth Garden City at a special screening as part of the Letchworth Film Festival 2021. The screening will be followed by an in person Q&A with director Jon Harrigan and cast.

  • Saturday, 3 July 2021
  • 7:30 pm 10:30 pm
  • Broadway Cinema & Theatre (map)

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Read this beautiful statement about the venue by director John Harrigan :

When I think about the Broadway Cinema & Theatre the first memory that comes to mind is of my mum. I’m standing outside with mum in a long queue, I’m about ten or eleven. It’s daytime, a matinee showing of either Empire Strikes Back or ET. The excitement and overwhelm in the eyes of the other kids is unmistakable. I recognise it, because it’s how I feel too.

This magnificent, old cinema is no ordinary picturehouse, this is a gargantuan art deco portal of dreams. It's been five years since we lost my dad, and our visits have become a weekly ritual. A strange miracle that alleviates the loss and grief.

This beautiful building is forever linked to my childhood, and the films I saw there. I’ve been visiting Broadway Cinema on and off for over forty years. Throughout the course of our lives, we build relationships with the sites where we first meet the stories that shape us, that teach, inspire and cultivate our dreams.

These sites are enchanted resonators.

The idea that I have somehow arrived at the moment where we screen a feature film that I directed at the Broadway Cinema, during the Letchworth Film Festival is almost too much to comprehend, a mixture of the same wonder and bewilderment that I felt standing in line with my mum every week. I can physically feel the expanse of time between the most magical moments in my childhood, and where I stand now at the edge of turning fifty, weeks away from premiering Lightships at the Broadway Cinema.

The films I saw at Broadway Cinema absolutely played an important role in my choice to become a storyteller and when we hold the world premiere of ‘Lightships’ at the Broadway on the 3rd July, a waypoint in my own story has been reached.

Thank you to the staff past and present for continuing a legacy of dreamweaving that has enchanted millions over the last eighty years.

And thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen.

John Harrigan