F00lishPe0ple offer over thirty years of experience in creating fantastic worlds and stories.

We combine ritual, mythology, shamanism, drama therapy, strategic forecasting and open source collaboration in the creation of our work. Each project takes form by merging text, performance, sound, art, light and the building or landscape itself to create dreamlike worlds that living characters inhabit.

F00lishPe0ple are one of the early pioneers of immersive theatre in the UK and we have utilised transmedia within our work since our inception. We are experts in experience design and we believe in the transformative power of art.

We invite audiences to explore, collaborate and experience living story worlds filled with wonder, beauty and truth. We offer site-specific, original ideas to create unique stories for each project, including extraordinary production designs to transform all kinds of venues and landscapes. We also adapt other original work on request.

Founder and artistic director John Harrigan has developed our unique theatre practice Theatre of Manifestation, which we adopt in our work, workshops, talks and classes.

In 2011 we have extended our expertise in creating stories through film and immersive live cinema experiences.

We have worked in partnership with the BBC, the Arcola Theatre, The Horse Hospital, the Institute of Contemporary Arts and Conway Hall Ethical Society and we have been hired to headline the theatre aspect of artistic festivals such as Wilderness Festival in 2015 and Byline Festival in 2018.

F00lishPe0ple have toured internationally, performing in the United States and the Netherlands.

If you are interested to hire our services or work with us in partnership / collaboration on a project, or if you’d like to bring one of our workshops or talks to your event, please email us to art@foolishpeople.org or use the contact form on the website.

Film Production

Feature Films / Shorts / Immersive Live Cinema Experiences / Transmedia & Experience Design / Touring

F00lishPe0ple are offering full services from early script development, pre-production, casting, location scouting and creating unique transmedia production designs, through different formats and mediums.

We provide high quality cameras, lighting and sound equipment and a production van. We offer cast and crew catering through the production shoots and full post-production services.

We also organize screening tours for our film releases with the option of creating immersive live aspects to the stories and Q&A events.

Theatre & Immersive Events

Site Specific Theatre / Immersive Storytelling / Art Installations / Festivals / Touring / Transmedia & Experience Design

F00lishPe0ple create site specific theatre using the power of transmedia and immersive storytelling, original stories and site specific script development.

We collaborate with artists, musicians and other creatives to transform the landscapes, buildings and venues, incorporating art installations, sound, light, transmedia & experience design and a unique form of immersive storytelling.

We have toured our productions internationally and work with renowned partners and festivals.


Workshops & Classes / Talks / Books

F00lishPe0ple offer in house crafted workshops and classes for writing, storytelling, film making, ritual art and how to incorporate ritual in creating projects, characters and performances.

We offer various talks with writer and director John Harrigan and the production team. Please get in touch for more information and bookings.

We publish our scripts and books through our own publisher Weaponized Imprint.