We’re very grateful for the support F00lishPe0ple and Lightships have received in 2021. Thank you, from all of F00lishPe0ple. We are already deep in pre-production on three new films and the whole team is excited for what 2022 holds.

Read this wonderful end of year message from artistic director John Harrigan and keep your eyes out on the news page and our social networks for all updates and announcements on our new projects.

Thank you all for continuing to support our work. This year has seen Lightships complete its festival run. We have immense gratitude to all the incredible audiences and festivals that have supported Lightships.

Lightships has won over seventeen awards at the many festivals it has screened at.

There would be no FP without you. It’s that simple. We’ve been creating stories for over thirty years now, and we will continue to create new stories for as long as we have an audience.

Next year in January production continues on three new features. The next FP film, and the second and third films in the Lightships trilogy.

Love and light to you all as we move into all of the possibilities and challenges that await us in 2022.

Peace and power to one and all.

John Harrigan