FoolishPeople was founded by John Harrigan in 1989. We actively engage audiences through immersive theatre, live cinema, ritual and independent film. Spectators must choose their own journey without guidance, which challenges their habitual way of watching art and entertainment in a passive manner. We have been commissioned by the BBC, ICA and Secret Cinema, and have produced our work for conventional theatres, galleries and site-specific venues. FoolishPeople are based in London.

Strange Factories

Victor is a writer, possessed by a terrifying story, hunting for refugee performers of a theatre destroyed in a mysterious fire. Drawn to a remote settlement founded by the mysterious Stronheim, he finds his friends under the wing of an aristocratic noble and her childlike ward. A dangerous pact is made between Victor and Stronheim: The destroyed theatre will be reconstructed, and in return, Victor must complete his story — no matter the cost.

Experience the madness and terror of haunted cinema, as you witness the film unravel inside Stronheim's factory and its characters come to life around you. Strange Factories draws on ancient theatrical traditions and mystical exploration, to wrench at the heart of what it means to be human. Will you allow it to show you the wonder behind the moving pictures — the dreams of violent imagination?

Not everyone can survive the violence of Creation.

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Strange Factories | 2014 Tour

Type Date / Time City Venue
Strange Factories
The Magic Lantern / Tywyn Cinema
1 November, 2014, 7pm Wales, UK The Magic Lantern
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Strange Factories
Cinema Museum
13 November, 2014, 7pm London, UK Cinema Museum
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From the Audience: Responses to Strange Factories

“Woooooow! Just saw #strangefactories by @foolishpeople. It was incredible. Such a wonderful achievement. A masterpiece.” — The Alt Entertainer

“Absolutely incredible.... Going to need to sleep on it to process.” — Lucy Talbot

“Gift of words by #StrangeFactories let the stories linger & exaggerate in my imagination wildly, violently. Power of #Storytelling.” — Juliet Chen

“STRANGE FACTORIES: Remarkable, gorgeous phantasm of Story. Take it on its own terms. #StrangeFactories” — Ian 'Cat' Vincent

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